martes, 16 de junio de 2015

Textos ingles

Emerald Carranza
This is the story of a kid, a merchant-peasant-children called czar with a emerald elf. Also, he carried with the death of many, the others crying, the hatred of some people.
Looking for the green golden underground, the gems would see the light, and with that light he would see the sky, a sky in life where he was able to have the 1% of the national territory, two millions of  cattle and hundred men safeguarding his life.
A piece of luck showed the gems and  the indicated road, a perfect place to evade bullets, grenades and  carabineers. Also, the luck suggested him with who treat: politicians, paramilitaries and even presidents. But, the fortune couldn't hide the six thousand dead of  this war. 
Now, the war has another leader, a leader who is calm while covering his dead, and Carranza is in other sky looking at his family how are fighting their heritage.

Golden Avarice
Stones, frailejons and mountains with a green blue lagoon, also with a betrays gap the ten years of mining. This is the story of a place, a place in Santander department, also is the story of those 2,5 millions of people that left without water if the mining continuos. This is the story of one of the fish will become contaminated with the 1.200 tons of cyanide that mining needs per month to extract the precious metal. Also, its the story of the girl who will eat that fish. Its the story of  a lot of promises and how easy we sell our territory.
We know something is happening now, something is happening in the paramo and the jungle, but we prefer to dive in the individual mood without feeling for the others. Day by day we are looking for some gold, the gold that the world  hunger, while Santurban disappears.    

Camouflaged silhouettes
Where are all the bodies that someones are crying? How to know if they are still  breathing? If the bodies are blinking or pulsating?
This is the story of thousand, 31.000 if we could be more accurate, 31.000 people reported by forced disappearance. Buried, dumped, dismembered or burned, bodies without recognition or laments. 
How disappears whom? Why we are able to choose for someone life?
And how are the victimisers? The victimisers are the owners of the war, but also we aren't looking too. The victimisers are all because the missing people are invisibles, we cant looking at them, they aren t in this land, we cant count them, we cant see it. We have to imagine stadiums or music festival with a lot of people. We have to imagine a moment where we are one of those 31.000, and later be able to feel the absence. 

But, these laments are dissolving over time, and we will never see the bodies because although these appear, they wont longer be.

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